Opt into the $1 Wild Diamond 7s side bet while playing Live Casino RED Blackjack for a genuine shot at one of three major prizes, including the Grand Prize, our current progressive jackpot amount.

All it takes is one lucky hand – three Diamond 7s without busting – to hit a huge payout! Midi and Mini cash prizes are also on offer for different winning combinations of three 7s.


Grand Prize - 3 x Diamond 7s wins the Jackpot!
Midi Prize - 3 x Red 7s wins $1,000
Mini Prize - 3 x Any 7s wins $100


Wild Diamond 7s Progressive Jackpot gives you the chance to win a really big sum of money all at once. It might not happen often, but it could happen to you. Lock in your side bet to go for the money!


Side bets on Blackjack are popular, easy to play, and offer an attractive return in addition to the main hand.

How to Claim:

  1. Play Live Casino Red Blackjack (not valid on Live Casino BLACK or regular Blackjack)
  2. Place the $1 Wild Diamond 7s side bet
  3. Hit 3 x 7s, win a prize!
Only the first 3 cards of the player’s hand qualify, Split hands do not.
  1. This promotion is only only available on Live Casino Red.
  2. The player must play the $1 side bet in order to qualify for the Wild Diamond 7s Progressive Jackpot.
  3. Play with promotional chips does not qualify the player for the Wild Diamond 7s Progressive Jackpot.
  4. Only the first 3 cards of the player’s hand qualify. Split hands will not qualify.
  5. The prizes are:
    Grand Prize: three 7’s of diamonds wins the entire progressive jackpot
    Midi Prize: any three red 7’s wins $1,000
    Mini Prize: Any three 7’s wins $100
  6. A player is only able to win one jackpot per hand. Players who get the three diamond 7-7-7’s, will only win the progressive jackpot and not the midi or the mini prize. Players who win the midi prize, will not qualify for the mini prize.
  7. Midi and Mini Prizes will be automatically credited to the players account.
  8. The grand Prize will only be credited to the players account after review and jackpot verification.
  9. Player qualifies to win 7-7-7 jackpot even against dealer’s natural blackjack or push.
  10. Only the front player can play the $1 side bet. Players betting behind do not qualify.
  11. Please see Wild Casino’s rules for additional terms and conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.